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    So much you find online feels so busy. Make this recipe! Look this cute! Have this perfect everything in your life! Right now! The inspiration from this blog came from a combination of my being drawn to everything that's the opposite of that and not finding a whole lot of it wherever I looked. I love the idea of slow living, of stripping down one's life and belongings to only the things that fill a person with joy, and of surrounding oneself with little rituals that create coziness and contentment.

    We need predictable little doses of affirmations, inspiration, and beauty. When I was pregnant with my son, I incorporated a nightly ritual of thinking on positive affirmations. It was so relaxing and empowering. Why did I ever stop? Thus the idea for The Daily Unwind was born. Every Monday through Friday on Instagram, I post to The Daily Unwind's profile a new nightly affirmation - just a little "I can do this and life is good" sort of thing to help get you relaxed and feeling excited for a new day ahead.

    Here on The Daily Unwind blog, you'll find tips and articles that delve more into self-love, stress-relief, and beauty-appreciation (the real kind of beauty). We've even got a fun book club that "meets" on The Daily Unwind's Facebook page monthly; after all, what's a better way to unplug and de-stress than an excuse to sit down with a good book?

    So, please stay as long as you like. Enjoy what you enjoy; do what you do. And come back often, because we've always got something new.


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