• How to Host an Outdoor Movie Night...Indoors :)

    Looking to make your at-home movie nights more family-interactive while taking up the coziness and fun factor a notch? Me too :) This is the first of a several-part series I am going to do on the topic because there are so many different avenues one can pursue to make this ultimate wind-down activity even more amazing.

    Part I: Bringing the Outdoors In

     Ok, I have to be honest -when I say the go-to unwind activity for my husband and me is settling in for the night to watch a movie or TV series. it's usually my husband choosing the movie but agreeing to rub my feet while I sit on the couch beside him checking out Pinterest. The foot rubbings alone make me look forward to movie nights, haha. But we both agree that movie nights can and should be more of a togetherness activity. 

    Ever since I saw the idea of having an outdoor movie night in one's own backyard, I fell in love with the concept and so did my husband. But seeing as we have a back yard the size of a Cracker Jack box, setting up a screen is just not feasible in our space. Even if it was, we'd run into challenge #2 - the mosquitoes. In our little Cracker Jack box back yard there are still enough mosquitoes per square inch to lift us off the ground and transport us elsewhere because, well, we live in the South. So, for those of us who want the outdoor movie experience but can't seem to make it happen, let's boil it down to what exactly seems so magical about an outdoor movie party. Twinkling lights, fresh air, and outdoor snacks. Oh yeah, and then the movie. Ok, we can do all of this indoors!

    Step 1: Twinkle Lights

    Grab some Christmas twinkle lights from the attic or spring for those cute patio lights you wish you had a patio to use them on and string them up indoors! See Exhibit A for inspiration:

    Found on Design Sponge
    Photo by Ellie Koleen

    Step 2: Fresh Air

    This one's easy. I don't even need to give you instructions much less upload an inspiration picture for it, but I will anyway in order to make this blog post symmetrical for those of us whose OCD needs this. Do this:

    Photo by Alistair McRobert

    Step 3: Outdoor Snacks

    In my mind, the quintessential summertime snack is created around a blazing bonfire. Yep, you guessed it: s'mores! Here's a recipe to enjoy an easy and delish s'mores dip. It's got everything there is to enjoy about the ooey gooey marshmallowy, chocolatey, and graham crackery real thing, without needing to get out your skewers.

    Recipe From FiveheartHOME
    What else would you add to bring the outdoors in during your own movie night? Comment below and let me know!

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