• 8 Relaxing Ways to Enjoy the Fourth of July

    Looking for different ideas to celebrate America's Independence Day than the usual fireworks, parades, pool parties, and barbecues? Here are 8 fun and ideas I have personally tried with my family over the years to enjoy the day off in a new and relaxing way.

    1. Sleep In
    If you don't have small children at home who chirp with the first birds at dawn, then allow yourself to really take advantage of what I find to be the greatest beauty of a day off - the chance to recharge and enjoy a slow morning. I don't know if or when the time will come when I, myself, will ever get to enjoy this luxury again since I have quite the early rising toddler. So, if you can, enjoy this one for me :)

    2. Make This Quick and easy Fourth of July Breakfast
    I'm always tempted to make pancakes on mornings off of work, but let's get real; pancakes take foreeeeeeeever.  Try this adorable, patriotic quick and easy breakfast instead!

    3. Go for a Drive...to Nowhere
    The Fourth of July is pretty toasty, on average, across the nation. If you want to enjoy a bit of scenery but still want to enjoy your AC, then plan a "trip to nowhere" as I call it - just a road trip with no real destination in mind and no pressing time table to get there. You never know what you'll find along the way!

    4. Have a Picnic
    Prepare sandwiches and sides the day before, then set out with a picnic blanket and basket in tow to your favorite local shady (not that kind of shady) spot.

    5. Rent a Canoe
    What a better way to spend a lazy summer day than to lazily glide around a lake or river in your area? Call ahead to make sure your chosen rental spot will be open on the Fourth, though!

    6. Read a Patriotic Book
    My husband and I LOVE the HBO miniseries of John Adams; we have a hard time believing there is a more amazing and deeply patriotic story than the one surrounding the third president of the United States. We were thrilled to discover it was based on David McCullough's Pulitzer Prize-Winning Biography, John Adams. So, I highly recommend this as your Fourth of July read!

    7. Attend a Naturalization Ceremony
    Many cities across the nation hold naturalization ceremonies on the Fourth of July. What better of a way to spend some of your Fourth of July than by welcoming the US's newest citizens?

    8. Make Your Own Glow Night
    Don't get me wrong...attending extravagant fireworks displays has been the highlight of my Fourth of July as long as I can remember. Once I had a little one that went to bed before it was dark enough for the fireworks to start, though, we had to rethink our Fourth of July evening a little bit. To be honest, it's kind of relieving knowing we won't be sitting in hour-long traffic after this year's grand finale, though! So, if you're planning to skip the public fireworks display this year too, why not make your own special night at home with a few sparklers and a few glow necklaces, bracelets, and sticks, and light up the night!

    Comment below and tell me your family's favorite ways of celebrating the Fourth of July!

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