• Firefly Gazing: The Ultimate Summer Hygge Activity

    Hygge for summer? So I know the general idea behind the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced "HOO-gah") is to relish in the little cozy comforts in life that lift the spirits during the long winter months; however, why not relish in life's little comforts in every season? One of my favorite relaxing summer pastimes is to engage in firefly gazing. You're thinking, "Ok, yeah. You look at fireflies. What more is there?" But as sitting in front of a warm fire on a midwinter's night is more than just watching wood burn, so can be the practice of firefly gazing.

    Now I know sadly enough, this activity is not available to be enjoyed in every location around the world, but hang in there to the end of this post if you don't happen to live somewhere with firefly access because I've got an idea for you :) If you are lucky enough to live in a region where these bioluminescent wonders grace the evening sky in the summer, take full advantage of the wonder and awe they're waiting to provide! Here are some of my favorite ways to enjoy nature's light show in the summer months:

    1. Turn Out The Lights.
    If you're fortunate to live in an area where fireflies can be seen out your window, then you are spared the hassle of even needing to put on shoes or fetch the bug spray! Just turn out the lights within a half hour after sundown (they're the most active during this time), plop yourself in front of the biggest window you have with the best view, and just...look.  Watch for a full ten minutes or so, sip some tea, and really think about how nature didn't have to make these beautiful creatures, and you didn't have to stop to enjoy them, but for some reason, you both did. :)

    2. Night Picnic.
    If you can't enjoy the firefly show outside your window or you want to get up closer and more personal with these flashy creatures, pack a night picnic (and BUUUUUUG SPRAAAAAAY GALOOOOOOORE) and head out to your favorite nature area for some firefly gazing. Be a kid. Capture them in jars and let them light your picnic.

    3. Almost the Real Deal.
    As promised for those who can't see fireflies for one reason or the other, a genius on YouTube made a 10 hour (!) fireflies in the woods video to help you ALMOST get the real effect.  Of course I always suggest unplugging to unwind, but hey, here's the second best option.

    Have you found any other amazing firefly videos you want to share? Or do you enjoy fireflies in a different way than I mentioned above? Comment below!!

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