• 3 Tips to Get Off Your Phone and go Outside This Summer

    Although summer's official start is a few weeks away, temperatures are soaring, pools are opening, and the great season of lightning bugs and long, light-filled evenings are upon us. How can you ensure these precious weeks of summer don't slip by without your getting the chance to enjoy them to the fullest? Here are a few ideas:

    1. Come up with a creative project that has to be done outdoors
    Gardening is the first thing that comes to mind, of course, and it's a project the whole family can enjoy. I have been obsessed lately with the concept of floral small gardening. We have a very modest plot of land in our front yard that is nicely portioned off and filled with little tufts of crab grass - in other words, a perfect blank slate for one of these front yard designs. Comment below with your favorite outdoors project so we can collect more ideas!

    2. Schedule a certain time each day for outdoor fun
    We happen to live in the South, so between 10:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. in the summertime, it's just plain hot. By process of elimination of the hottest hours, this leaves the morning and the evening, so we happen to take advantage of both, when we can. I take my little guy to a park in the morning, and then we try to go on a family walk after dinner, around 6:30 p.m. I would spend all day outdoors, if I could, but this is just the time that makes the most sense for our family's routine.

    3. Make a nightly moon-gazing bedtime ritual
    So often we're tempted to look at our phones in the evening all the way until we shut our eyes for sleep. Thus summer, make time for a short moon gaze before you hit the sheets. It can be fit into your teeth brushing rituals - it doesn't have to be long. Just take a moment every night to go outside in whatever way you have available to you - a backyard deck, an apartment rooftop, out on the front porch, etc., and have a look at the sky. For just a couple of minutes, breath deeply and look up. There's something super grounding about watching the moon each night filter through it's phases. Let that be a part of your calming routine.

    That's it! Now go enjoy your summer!

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