• 10 Docks You Wish You Were Sitting On Right Now (Rather Than Working)

    It's the Second Day of Summer and a Friday...

    ...so basically why are you sitting at your computer desk slaving away when you could be sitting on one of these? Since the summer solstice has come and gone, I kind of get the summer blues; weird, right? "You mean it's only going to get darker from here?" That's the general sentiment. So, I drown my silly sorrows in lots of outdoors photographs reminding me there is still A LOT of summer ahead to enjoy. Check out the 10 docks that would make for a perfect relaxing summer evening and where you wish you were sitting right now rather than working.

    Photo by May Pamintuan

    Photo by Tim Foster

    Photo by Khachik Simonian

    Photo by Dirk Sebregts

    Photo by Todd DeSantis

    Photo by Tim Mossholder

    Photo by Wes Carr

    Photo by Xuan Thinh Mai

    Photo by Rae Kearney


    Comment below with the number of the deck you find most inviting!

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